Visual decay is a slow process and means that our organism adapts to the slow change ofcolors, of the clarity and definition of the things that surround us, only during the control phase and in By comparing two different situations, the difference can be perceived and the need for corrective glasses can be assessed. From a new perspective, without obligation and completely FREE, you can pass, for a control, even just computerized, to know and evaluate your visual efficiency.

Glasses intended not only as a means of correcting visual deficits but as an important complement to define everyone's look and personality. The vast assortment of frames in different materials, shapes and colors from the best brands, assembled with appropriate ophthalmic lenses and personalized by expert hands, they make each pair of glasses something strictly personal that can be worn with ease and pleasure.

All glasses are assembled in the centres' internal workshops


Today, glasses have finally also become an object of fashion and clothing while remaining the same visual aid tool par excellence and with a variety of models, shape, colors and materials such as Also make it an accessory to contribute to your personal look. Alternatively, for those who practice sports and particular activities it is possible to alternate glasses with comfortable contact lenses for daily and monthly use which correct myopia, hypermetropia and astigmatism while for the less young MULTIFOCAL contact lenses are also available which also correct presbyopia (difficulty seeing up close). It is possible to try all the solutions without obligation.

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